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A camera application that let’s you take photos and then have them “bombed” by somebody. The app shows how to use the Cascades multimedia library with Camera, take a picture, manipulate the image, and add an image over another image.
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Camera Pro mode Camera with OpenCV.js post-processing for HDR imaging Instagram filters? Snapchat Lens? Face detector Funny hats Credit card Scanner Document Scanner Barcode Scanner Emotion Recognizer Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak
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Camera Setup Use OctoPrint to get the camera working Use OctoPrint to get the camera working. This should really be as easy as connecting a camera via USB or a raspberry camera to the camera port. When that’s connected, reboot the pi, and look at the
A Smart Camera for the Intelligent Edge
Get up and running in minutes, regardless of your current skill level with vision machine learning.Connect your camera to Azure IoT Hub that controls the network traffic between the device and the cloud, and see the camera in action by running a default Vision AI module that recognizes 183 different objects.
CameraView A well documented, high-level library that makes capturing pictures and videos easy, addressing all of the common issues and needs. Supports real-time filters, gestures, watermarks, frame processing, RAW, outputs of any size and much more.
Hand physics – depth camera capture demo. Source code on GitHub Rotate – head mounted camera:
Streaming video over USB using FT232H and Cyclone IV FPGA. – KoroB14/DVP_to_FT
getUserMedia: select resolution
WebRTC samples getUserMedia: select resolution This example uses constraints. Click a button to call getUserMedia() with appropriate resolution.
Camera intrinsics for images published on camera/image_raw with matching time stamps and frame IDs. If CameraInfo calibration is not available or is incompatible with the current video_mode , uncalibrated data will be provided instead.
Grove – Serial Camera The Serial Camera is a JPEG color camera module easy for MCU use.It has integrated image processing DSP to generate 320*240 or 640*480 JPEG image without thumbnail information, Captured picture will be stored in internal buffer and
App Camera
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Camera for regl

StereoVision: Library and utilities for 3d …

StereoVision: Library and utilities for 3d reconstruction from stereo cameras StereoVision is a package for working with stereo cameras, especially with the intent of using them to produce 3D point clouds. The focus is on performance, ease of usability, and the
Photoduino is the open source camera controller based on the Arduino platform which you can use to automatically take pictures with your DSLR camera. What kind of pictures can take? Its main purpose is to serve as technical support for shooting high speed photos, but you can use as intervalometer to make ”Timelapse” videos or for animals or insects photography.
Scan QR Code from Video Camera This example shows how to scan a QR code with ZXing javascript library from the device video camera. If more than one video input devices are available (for example front and back camera) the example shows how to read