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Find 1,238 synonyms for imbued and other similar words that you can use instead based on 14 separate contexts from our thesaurus. What is another word for imbued? Need synonyms for imbued?Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.
IMBUE Meaning: “to keep wet; to soak, saturate;” also figuratively “to cause to absorb” (feelings, opinions, etc.),… See definitions of imbue.
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Imbued meaning and example sentences with imbued. Top definition is ‘of Imbue.’. Log in imbued / definitions meaning & example sentences – 1 Lists synonyms antonyms definitions examples of Imbue. Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary about terms

Imbued Birth

The Imbued Birth Experience What does it mean to deeply saturate your pregnancy with meaning, connection, and growth? With the Imbued Birth Experience, you will find ways to manage the ever changing landscape of the childbearing year that is completely unique to you.
Coffins imbued with meaning
Put simply, the coffins are imbued with meaning. The practice arose from changing colonial and postcolonial attitudes towards the dead and make very public statements about familial identity,

Landscape Imbued with Meaning on Behance

Landscape Imbued with Meaning This text documents the beginning studies of a thesis which began with a broad interest in architecture and landscape, and which found a focus on Read More 12 295 0 Published: January 12th 2013 Tools Book Binding thesis

‘God of War’ Eitr Imbued: What It Means When the …

God of War’ Eitr Imbued: What It Means When The Serpent Says This In this moment, an on-screen prompt that says “Eitr Imbued” seems to have confused …
Imbued spider
During a pre-release livestream, Mod Ramen transmogrified some players into the imbued spider for a period of time. During the transmogrification, players could not wander too far from the Jmod, meaning it was impossible to take a photo with Iconis, as the.

Definition: Consumer culture

Consumer culture suggests that consumption – the act of buying goods or services – is a cultural activity, one imbued with meaning and driven not just by practical or economic factors. Mapping and exploring the business implications of these cultural meanings is one of …
Philomena Ending, Explained
 · While the quest to trace Philomena Lee’s son ends in an anticlimactic way, the journey itself becomes imbued with meaning through momentary outpourings of compassion and unexpected revelations. However, above all, Judi Dench’s Philomena steals the …
imbued with love
imbued with love in a sentence and translation of imbued with love in English dictionary with audio pronunciation by Students can design all manner of educational activities for themselves, create classroom environments for the discussion of
Alexander Brodsky
Such a narrative has imbued new meaning and significance to the old structures that have been appropriated within the installation. Built work Alexander Brodsky, exposition in Jardin des Tuileries, Paris (2010) Brodsky has really only been an architect since He
Early work ·
Imbued Stone
 · Imbued Stone HUD Skin Rarity: Uncommon Slot: HUD Skin Buy Now in Store Buy Now on Market From simple stones tumbles a raging landslide. Released 29 Jan 2014 Origin Purchase TRADEABLE MARKETABLE This item was styled to match the aesthetic .
Imbue in Spanish
Translate Imbue. See 3 authoritative translations of Imbue in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations. the unhealthy idolatry with which populations tend to imbue their leaders We always, even when we’re just watching a game and a player comes to bat, imbue that player with qualities which in fact he does not have Suppressed sexuality imbues her with magical

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Landscape Imbued With Meaning [Thesis Presentation] Thesis presentation materials 16 433 1 Published: May 13th 2013 Tools SketchUp Artlantis Autodesk Revit Architecture (All Versions) Chipboard Graphite On Yellow Trace Creative Fields Architecture, ,
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Imbued with meaning and power, these encounters can really change lives and give comfort and hope. Animal Card Readings Many people sympathize with animals and in a reading,using these cards, 3 will be visualised in the encounter. The meaning of the